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Effects of Bullying on Adolescent Suicidal Behavior (Published)

Bullying is in the area of interest of various disciplines, such as Psychology, Pedagogy, Sociology, Criminology, and some social fields, namely public health and social assistance, representing one of the problems that the entire human society must face, seeking and identifying up-to-date solutions. The fact that bullying is associated with the life stage between childhood and adolescence does not mean that the population belonging to other age segments is exempt from involvement in this problem. Children and adolescents have guardians responsible for their safety, well-being, and functioning within the parameters of social normality. Equally, a complex system of specialized services, governmental and non-governmental organizations are involved in active efforts to counteract, or at least succeed in limiting the force of this phenomenon, the magnitude of which has become – and continues to threaten – unparalleled in history.Structurally, the article approaches the issue of bullying from perspectives considered relevant for understanding its forms of manifestation: the main historical and conceptual landmarks, bullying as the pre-eminence of suicidal tendencies in adolescents, bullying in childhood/adolescence, and its potential reverberations in adulthood, conclusions.

Keywords: Adolescence, Bullying, Depression, Suicide


The sanctity of human life is commonly adjudged as placing great moral burden on man. On this premise, some philosophers opined that man has no right to terminate his life. While others argued that having received life as a gift, man has the right to reject the gift when he perceives that there is no value in remaining alive. This could be due to grave illness or other forms of dissatisfaction. There are various arguments presented both in favour and against suicide by these proponents. Notable among the protagonists are some philosophers. The study therefore, seeks to examine the philosophical perceptions of suicide and implications on the sanctity of human life. The writer applied philosophical, sociological and historical research methodology in his investigation. It is recommended that man should not necessary see suicide as the right option for escaping the vicissitudes of life, which are often likely to confront man. On the other hand, it is a tremendous moral burden on man if he decides to terminate his life since he would be depriving those he could have supported, both financially and morally. The study also recommended that man should uphold the sanctity of life, as life is a gift from God. Man cannot give life and not justified to also take life, the study argued.

Keywords: Life, Perceptions, Philosophical, Sanctity, Suicide

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