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This paper reviews some available literature on school violence in African context and illustrates results of an original cross sectional descriptive research conducted in Khartoum State, Sudan. A total of 240 respondents were randomly selected from fifteen primary schools for girls from the main three localities of Khartoum State. The objective of the study were to explore different forms of violence that girls face in schools and at home; to find out the psychological consequences experienced by the girl-child after facing violence; how the girl seeks help; and finally to draw recommendations for educational policy makers. It was found that girls face many forms of violence as they are in young age. The main causes are related to many inter-connected factors. Most common factor is due to socialization and rigid treatment that girls face at home. Girls who experienced extreme violence at home reflect their emotions passively in form of violated behaviour against their peer students at school. Also, the study highlighted the negative physical and psychological impact of violence on young girls, which affect and reduce their educational achievements and normal life. Moreover, the socioeconomic level of girl’s parents has not contributed as a significant factor to violence. It is clear from this research that violence against young girls is a reality and it occurs at all class levels and at different settings (home, schools and streets). The first person the girls seek help from is her school friend. However, communication with mother was limited due to educational gap and that mothers in some cases are the actor of harassment. Finally the research recommends to encourage and support men and boys to take an active part in the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence and especially gender based violence and increase awareness of men and boys responsibility in ending the cycle of violence; policy makers should play a great role to promote gender equality especially during the process of socialization.

Keywords: Primary schools., School violence, gender-based violence

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