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Communication Strategies and Acceptance of Political Candidates in Nigeria (Published)

This study examined communication strategies and acceptance of political candidates in Nigeria.  The specific objectives are: to determine the effect of personal selling on acceptance of political candidates, to find out the effect of personality promotion on acceptance of political candidates, to examine the effect of social media on acceptance of political candidates, and  to investigate the effect of public relation on acceptance of political candidates in Nigeria. The study employed survey method in which the data required for the study were generated through questionnaire. The population comprised of voters who are resident in Ekiti State. Cochram formula was used to determine a sample of 370. The returned questionnaire were analyzed using chi-square. The findings indicate that; communication strategies adopted by Ekiti State political candidates were assessed to be persuasive in content, the personality promotion strategies used has helped in modifying and strengthening the views, and beliefs of the people towards them. The study therefore recommended that Political Processes should be effectively handled by adopting ethical oriented political marketing strategies rather than being unethical in the ways and manners political campaign are conducted.

Keywords: Communication Strategies, Personal Selling, Social media, personality promotion

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