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An Appraisal of Organizational Communication and Job Satisfaction Among Academic Staff in Akwa Ibom State University (Published)

This study appraised organisational communication and job satisfaction among academic staff in Akwa Ibom State University. The objectives of the study were ascertain the organisational communication flow pattern prevalent in Akwa Ibom State University, assess the extent to which the organisational communication policy/structure affected job satisfaction among academic staff of Aksu, find out the barriers to effective organisational communication flow and job satisfaction among academic staff of Aksu, determine from the perception of academic employees whether the organisational communication flow in their institution help to guarantee job satisfaction. The study adopted the survey research design, with questionnaire as the instrument for data collection. The population of the study comprise subjects who are academic staff of Aksu. The academic staff strength of Aksu stands at 488. The sample size for the study was determined at 10% systematically drawn from the population. The study which was anchored on the theory of transactional process and modern organaisational theory revealed that majority of respondents 25 (57%) were of the opinion that the prevalent communication flow pattern that management uses in communicating with academic staff in Aksu is vertical downward communication, furthermore, majority of respondents 24 (55%) agreed that organisational communication policy and structure greatly influence job satisfaction. This implies that policy and structure on job satisfaction. Majority of respondents 20, 10 (30) representing 45%, 23% (68%) were not satisfied with the present patterns of communication flow to enhance their job satisfaction. It was recommended that management of Aksu should encourage the use of upward communication. That is communication from the subordinates to those at the top, usually for the purpose of asking questions, providing feedback and making suggestions in order to improve morale and attitude of academic staff, management of Aksu should trust their academic staff and encourage them to participate effectively in decision making.

Keywords: Appraisal, communication, job satisfaction academic staff., organisational communication

Organisational Communication Climate and Employees’ Job Commitment in Ibom Air (Published)

This research on organisational communication climate and employees’ job satisfaction in Ibom Air was conducted using survey research method. Questionnaire was used as the major instrument of data collection. The population of the study comprised staff of Ibom Air which according to Akwa Ibom State Government is 300 ( Since the population of the study is not too large enough, the same figure was also used as the sample size. Thus, the sample size for the study is 300. The study which was anchored on the modern organisation theory found out that majority of respondents (63%) agreed that downward communication flow dominates. The study also found out that 100% of respondents agreed that the organisational communication climate influences employees job commitment. The study recommends that management of Ibom Air should involve their employees in the decision making process of the organisation in order to enhance job commitment.

Keywords: Covid-19 and Ibom Air, communication climate, job commitment, organisational communication

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