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Religion, Education and Development in Ghana: A Historical Perspective (Published)

Religion’ and ‘Education’ are inseparable aspects in every human society where they are found. Education has most often been considered as the backbone of development. Similarly, many development theorists have expounded the contributions of religion toward development. The responsibility that religions share in human societies are realised in different aspects of national life. Of particular concern is religions’ role in education toward national development. This work is discussed from the dimensions of the contributions of Christianity and Islam in education in Ghana. Generally, education is understood to mean to train or mould. In this study, it implies the art of learning, literacy and the process of acquiring knowledge. In the quest to advance the livelihood of members of society through education, it has become important to expatiate the task of religion in the development of education. This is to help stamp out the reluctance to consider the influence of religion in sustainable and authentic human and national development. This paper is primarily purposed to outline the contributions of religion and education to national development in Ghana. The quest for an all-inclusive development model of Ghana and other developing nations, therefore, calls for an insight into the role and responsibilities of religion toward education. In the case of Ghana, like other nations, the impact of religion on (formal) education has immensely ensured the development of individual lives, communities and traditional institutions since the 19th century. A study with an aim such as this will help promote better relationship among states and religious groups.

Keywords: Contributions, Education, Historical Perspective, National Development, Religion.

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