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The Impact of Coronavrius on Health and Economic Growth in Sub- Sahara Africa (Published)

Health enhancement is an essential determinant of economic growth; though, the impact of health on economic growth is affected by the level of poverty in any country. This paper, therefore, examined the impact of health on economic growth during corona virus in Sub-Sharan Africa and the verge of health required to alleviate the adverse effect of poverty on economic growth in Twenty (20) selected Sub-Sharan Africa countries. Based on the endogenous growth theoretical approach, the link between life expectancy, poverty incidence, and economic growth was estimated using the GMM technique of analysis. Findings showed that coronavirus pandemic exerts negative impact on health condition, household welfare, unemployment and the adverse effect of poverty on economic growth in Nigeria. Though government expenditure significantly increased during the period in a bid to check the pandemic, but household welfare degenerated and was negatively affected with high poverty rate, this paper recommended that the government of the Sub-Saharan countries should diversify the revenue base of their economies to cushion the effect of unprecedented shock due to the pandemic and provide adequate relief materials to pad the effect of loss of income to the poor and vulnerable, invest in the health sector to control infectious and pandemic diseases.

Citation: Benedict Azu, Sunday Okubor Ijieh, Ifeanyi Shadrack and Iku Joel (2022) The Impact of Coronavrius on Health and Economic Growth in Sub- Sahara Africa, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.10, No.5, pp.39-50

Keywords: Health, and coronavirus, economic growth

Influence of Mass Media Campaigns on Breast Cancer Knowledge among Women in Enugu State (Published)

Breast cancer remains a major killer of women globally. Medical literature suggests that early detection could led to complete cure. Owing to the fact that early detection is dependent on women’s levels of awareness and knowledge, several media campaigns have been lunched. However, one wonders the effectiveness of these campaigns on the knowledge and behaviour of women in Enugu State. This study, therefore, set out to ascertain the contributions of mass media to breast cancer knowledge among women in Enugu State. Survey research method was employed with questionnaire and interview guide as the measuring instruments. Cochran sampling technique was used to determine the sample size which stood at 384 based on a population of 1,671,795 women in Enugu State. The sample was randomly selected while Statistical Package for Social Sciences was used to analyze the data collected. The findings showed a positive relationship between level of education and information seeking from the mass media about breast cancer. Radio was found to be the most predominant medium used by the women.  In this study, it is recommended that government should intensify media messages on breast cancer in the state, especially in the rural communities where most of the non-literate women reside. Future studies should focus on expanding the scope of this study to South – Eastern parts of Nigeria

Keywords: Breast cancer, Health, Knowledge, Media Campaigns, awareness


Spirituality and health have overtime been very influential to humans and in the life of every student; good health is an essential aspect in order to have a successful academic life. Being healthy is not anymore about absence of diseases or illness. It requires being in a state of complete physical, psychological, spiritual and social well-being. The article aims at examining the various views that Christian students hold concerning spirituality and health and to find out the effects that both (spirituality and health) have on the lives of students. The research was conducted among Christian students in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, using questionnaires and interviews to seek views of students on the impact of the relationship between spirituality and health. From the findings, most of the respondents expressed a strong desire to find meaning in their lives and well-being. It was, however, observed that some students were reluctant to patronize clinical treatment when needed as a result of their staunch spirituality. Also, the paper identifies some Christian beliefs and practices which respondents considered as elements that promote good health as well as other spiritual practices that have adversely affected students’ health. It is, therefore, suggested that, for the wellbeing of students to be achieved, there should always be a balance between the two approaches, and resort to any of them when appropriate.

Keywords: Christian Spirituality, Health, Relationship, Student’ Well-being and Exploration

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