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A Case Study on the Research of Social and Cultural Traditions in the Song Dynasty China of International Sinology (Published)

International Sinologists paid early attention to the Pu Lu works that originally existed as scientific and technological text, but constructed an unique pedigree of knowledge with scientific, political and humanistic implications, also coursed the innovative practice of style.The most outstanding representative figure in this field is professor Ronald Egan of East Asian Department of Stanford University in the United States.Ronald Egan is one of the early scholars who started from the cultural background of the times, focused on the study of flower planting in song Dynasty as an aesthetic existence, and deeply explored the cultural context and cultural thoughts in the works of “Pu Lu”, reflecting the outstanding frontier and creative analysis.He investigated the relationship between the space, scholars and abundant natural resources in the works of Pu Lu in the Song Dynasty.He carried out an in-depth exploration of the self-contradictory argumentation in the works of Pu Lu in the Song Dynasty, he thus achieved an insight into the constraints of cultural tradition.

Keywords: Ronald Egan, botanic pedigree, cultural tradition, diabolic tricks, ritual restriction, wicked craft

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