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Implementation of Internship Program as a Form of Mbkm Learning Activities in Improving Students’ Competency Public Administration Study Program Bandar Lampung University (Published)

This study aims to describe: 1) Preparation for internships. 2) Implementation of the internship. 3) Evaluation of the Independent Learning Internship Program-Free Campus Public Administration Study Program, University of Bandar Lampung. 4) Reveal how the MBKM internship program can improve the competence of students of the Public Administration Study Program. This type of research is a qualitative research, with a descriptive design, and the use of a phenomenological approach. Methods of data collection using interviews, observation and documentation. Informants of this research are students of Public Administration Study Program, DPL and stakeholders (partners). The data analysis method uses interactive analysis by means of data reduction-data presentation & data verification. The results of this study are: 1) Preparation for internships in the Administration study program is carried out well, students have carried out registration procedures according to the provisions, DPL (field supervisor) also provides debriefing for students before being deployed to partner locations so that students understand and understand the purpose of holding an internship program. 2) The implementation of the internship program for students of the Public Administration study program is in accordance with the guidelines for the Independent Learning Independent Campus internship guidebook. 3) Stakeholders (partners) and DPL provide a joint evaluation at the end of the program. 4) Implementation of the MBKM internship program can strengthen student competencies because it is seen from the curriculum guidebook for the Public Administration program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Bandar Lampung University.

Keywords: competency strengthening, implementation of MBKM internship, public administration study program students

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