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A Review of Justice by Five Vulnerable Women in the Bible (Published)

There is a global outcry for justice with the increasing gap between the poor and the rich and acts of injustice especially directed to the vulnerable: women and children. Even in light of the changing roles of women, they are still the main victims of unjust actions. This paper therefore addresses this concern by reviewing the actions of five women in the Bible who did just actions and eventually brought justice to their communities. Rahab the Harlot, the widow of Zarephath, little girl in captivity, Dorcas and the Good Samaritan are looked at in this paper. These women, despite their vulnerability, went an extra mile to do just deeds even when it meant giving all they had. This understanding of the Biblical Icons who brought justice is expected to inform the changing role of women in the contemporary society as far as justice is concerned.

Keywords: Bible, Communities & Women, Deeds, Justice, Society

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