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Strategy for Acquisition of Islamic Religious Knowledge for Islamic University Students in the Industrial Era 4.0 in the City of Palu, Indonesia (Published)

This research proposal is entitled “Strategies for Acquiring Islamic Religious Knowledge for Islamic and General University Students in the Industry Era of 4.0”. This research aims to determine the Strategy for Acquiring Islamic Religious Knowledge for Islamic Higher Education Students in Industrial Era 4.0 in Palu City. This research aims to assess the emergence of new strategies for students to acquire their knowledge. This research uses a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods where data is collected using survey techniques, direct observation, in-depth interviews, and written document analysis. This research was conducted at Datokarama State Islamic University, Palu. This research shows that students in this information technology era have changed their paradigm in accessing knowledge. They have used online learning sources more intensively to gain understanding. If teachers and classrooms were the only sources of learning in the past, online learning resources have become a new source of knowledge. In other words, the function of educators and other conventional learning sources has been eroded. Thus, online media and online facilities have become a new source of learning today. Because this research shows that online learning resources have become new learning sources, it is recommended that educational institutions develop online learning facilities and resources as a new alternative for students to study. Lecturers should no longer be used as the primary source of knowledge, but other alternative learning sources are needed.

Keywords: Knowledge, Learning strategies, Students, online resources

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