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Politics of Education: Implications for Conflict Initiation and Mitigation in Education (Published)

Politics is a critical issue for the development of humanity. The questions of who gets what how and when to get it are political issues that define and influence the wellbeing of people in a society. These issues are influenced and determined by the political behaviours and actions of the ruling class. As politics influences human being so also are the social institutions. Political actions and conducts are pronounced in the educational system. Thus, the subject of politics of education becomes essential in determining the nexus between politics and education. The symbolic relationship existing between them showed that they mutually reinforce each other for the growth of the system and society. In this study, the issue of politics of education was critically reviewed, bringing to bear its antecedents on education in terms of the political behaviours often exhibited by the ruling class in respect of education. The educational reforms were discussed, spotting politics as the underlining machine for determining its efficacies and performances. The implication of politics of education in inducing and mitigating conflict, lay the foundation for understanding the gravity of bad and good politics, and their antecedents on the growth and development of education in Nigeria.

Keywords: Education, Politics, conflict initiation, conflict mitigation, politics of education

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