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Workers Education: A Panacea for Manpower Development in Nigeria (Published)

As manpower development is germane to the effectiveness and profitability of an organisation, so is workers education crucial to educative activities for human resources development of the labour force.This paper examines the benefits and potentials of workers education in developing the manpower capacity and capabilities of labour force for national development. Based on the premise that the Nigeria government has not been able to fulfilher obligations through annual budgetary allocation to education, it is needful for stakeholders in the sector to revamp the human resources depreciation especially in the nation’s work force. It is therefore recommended that workers education should be recurrent and holistic exercise both in the private and public work sector for progressive, upgrading of skills and knowledge to increase organisations potentials to efficiently achieve their goals.

Keywords: Human Resources Development, Manpower Development, National Development, Workers Education

Corruption in the Education Industry in Nigeria: Implications for National Development (Published)

This paper sees corruption generally as a condemnable behaviour and particularly identifies corruption in the education industry as a practice that has multiple capabilities for undermining the national development of Nigeria. Corruption in the education industry terribly creates infrastructural deficits that result in poor instructional delivery and making many people not to have access to education which in addition to being a fundamental human right is a spring board for their empowerment and emancipation infrastructural deficits and inability of a people to have access to education systematically renders useless the ability of the people to engineer  national development as generations of citizens are left frustrated, disgruntled and disenchanted in addition to manifesting terrible immorality in the forms of militancy and insurgency. Embrace of militancy and insurgency as a result of lack of access and infrastructure owe their sources to corruption, which disastrously has multiplier effects on the economy and the national development of the Nigerian state: potential human beings who ideally are great assets for the development of Nigeria are lost to actions/activities that are not investor and investment friendly. The paper recommends among other things the teaching of skills that can promote greater transparency and accountability in managing issues in education, stronger and implementable in managing issues in education, stronger and implementable social justice measures for the citizens to developing curricular and pedagogical measures for sensitizing citizens to rise up to kill corruption in Nigeria.

Keywords: Accountability, Corruption, Curriculum, Education, Innovation, National Development, Nigeria, Pedagogy, Transparency

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