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Biology Education: A Panacea to Global Environmental Challenges (Published)

This position paper underscores the pivotal role of biology education in addressing the global environmental challenges that confront our planet. As humanity grapples with unprecedented issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and habitat destruction, it is clear that biology education serves as a panacea for informed action. The paper explores the multidimensional relationship between biology education and environmental challenges, covering critical sub-topics. It emphasizes the significance of a comprehensive curriculum, innovative pedagogical approaches, and the infusion of environmental policy and advocacy within biology education. Additionally, the paper acknowledges the challenges and barriers that must be addressed to optimize the impact of biology education. It calls for interdisciplinary integration, global collaboration, and technological integration to equip students with the tools to become stewards of our environment. Ultimately, the recommendations put forth underscore the transformative potential of biology education, highlighting its capacity to nurture a generation of environmentally conscious individuals capable of confronting the most pressing environmental crises. In a world facing complex environmental challenges, biology education emerges as a beacon of hope, empowering informed and passionate individuals who can drive positive change

Keywords: Environment, biology education, environmental challenges

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