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Statistical Assessment of Primary Health Care Services on the Health Status of Rural Communities in Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria


This paper investigated the statistical assessment of primary health care services on the health status of rural communities in Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. The need for this paper was rural communities often have limited access to healthcare resources, which can lead to disparities in health outcomes and also place a strain on healthcare systems. This study employed quantitative research methodology in two recent secondary data. Thirteen and sixty-two Primary Health Care (PHCs) were used in the study respectively. The study also employed descriptive statistics and statistical test such as t-test and chi-square test to analyze the data collected. The result further showed that of the 62 PHCs visited 89% had good infrastructures, 26% had sufficient personnel and 85% had good service delivery. Therefore, it is recommended that there should be a need to improve on the workforce to meet the minimum standard for primary health care in Nigeria as well as regular monitoring and evaluation to assess the performances of the PHCs in FCT.

Keywords: Chi-Square Test, Primary Health Care, Rural Communities, T-test

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