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Generalized exponential distribution

On The Modified Extended Generalized Exponential Distribution (Published)

A modification on the extension of generalized exponential distribution due to Olapade (2014) is presented in this paper and some of its properties, such as; The cumulative distribution function, the survival function, the hazard function and it properties, the reverse hazard function, the moment generating function, the  moment about the origin, the median, the percentile point and the associated initial-value problem (IVP) for ordinary differential equation (O.D.E.) are established.

Keywords: Generalized exponential distribution, Initial-Value Problems., Median, Mode, Moment Generating Function, Percentile

Inference for Generalized Exponential Distribution based on Generalized Order Statistics (Review Completed - Accepted)

Estimation of parameter of generalized exponential distribution (gexp) is obtained

based on generalized order statistics. The maximum likelihood and Bayes methods are

used for this purpose. Survival function and hazard rate are also computed. Estimation

based on upper record values from generalized exponential distribution is obtained as a

special case and compared by simulated data.

Keywords: Bayes estimation, Generalized exponential distribution, Survival function, hazard rate function., maximum likelihood, record values

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