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Achieving-Drive Behaviour and Self-Perception as Influencers of Personal Functioning Among Nigerian Potential Graduates: A Multivariate Analysis (Published)

The study examined achieving-drive behaviour and self-perception as influencers of personal functioning among Nigerian potential graduates. Participants were 191 (16-30 years) sampled through stratified and cluster techniques. Valid/reliable Type ‘’A’’ Behaviour Scale (TABS), Self-perception Scale (SPS), and Personal Function Inventory (PFI) measured achieving-drive, self-perception, and personal functioning respectively. This study had cross-sectional factorial design, linear regressions and multiple analysis of variance (MANOVA) statistics. The findings for Nigerian potential graduates were: Achieving-drive behaviour, and self-perception significantly predicted  personal functioning; Elements of personal functioning were significantly influenced by achieving-drive behaviour and self-perception; Achieving-drive accounted for 48% of personal functioning, 43% problem-focused coping, 37% avoidance-focused coping, 33% adaptiveness coping, and 39% emotion-focused coping. Self-perception accounted for 35% of personal functioning, 37% problem-focused coping, 25% avoidance-focused coping, 24% adaptiveness coping, and 30% emotion-focused coping. Recommendations: Nigerian potential graduates and higher institutions should pursue personal competencies and cognitive flexibility for handling challenges.

Keywords: Nigeria, achieving-drive, personal functioning, potential graduates, self-perception

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