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Development and Evaluation of the Performance of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) Grinder


The suitability of grounded Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) as a friction material in formulation of non-asbestos brake lining, and component of concrete block to increase the strength is an important innovation in our recent Time. The objective can only be achieved if Palm Kernel shell is grounded to different sizes to suit the required objective. Therefore, there is need to develop a Palm kernel shell grinding machine for which this purpose is intended. The developed Palm kernel shell grinder comprises barrel, formed worm shaft, abrasive discs with mechanism for clearance adjustment, prime mover, belts, bearings, pulleys and discharge chute. The developed grinder was tested and the result showed that the machine could pulverize PKS within a range of 75   to 4 mm grain sizes. The report established significant potentials in the diversification of palm kernel shell from waste to sources of incomes to stakeholders most especially in the manufacture of brake lining and production of reinforce concrete block.

Keywords: Waste., and wealth, brake line, concrete block, palm kernel shells (PKS), pulverization

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