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Impacts of the Distribution Process on Onion Supply Chain Management in Singida Urban District


The objectives of the study is to identify the impacts of the distribution process on onion Supply chain management in Singida Urban District.  This study was carried out in Singida Urban District which is one of the famous places in Tanzania practicing onions farming however, there are other regions such as Arusha, Mbeya, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, and Njombe where the onions are produced. Population is set of a wide group from which, the sample is drawn for the purpose of generalized opinions of many by small numbers of representatives. This study targeted warehouse operators, farmers, retailers, distributors, consumers and key informative personnel involved in onions produces within the study area of Singida Urban District. The study used a sample size of 100 respondents less than the targeted sample size of 138 obtained from the estimated population large than 1000. Based on studies in Ethiopia, the onion supply chain took about 0.44% of the entire agriculture participant’s dominant crop for commercial purposes. The results suggest that the distribution channels used by majority of onion farmers were whole sellers. onion  SC  influence  by the  distribution  process  of onions, such as number of market locations and distribution channels used to use a two-way ANOVA study revealed that different distribution channels have different variability in the onion supply chain the types of distribution channel used were statistically significant [F (1, 86) =1.25, p=0.01].

Keywords: Supply Chain, Supply chain management, distribution process

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