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Procurement 4.0 and Sustainable Supply Chain Performance: The Mediating Role of Procurement Process Optimization (PPO)


The problem statement establishes the direction to assess the complex relationships between Procurement 4.0, Sustainable Supply Chain Performance, and the Procurement Process Optimization within the context of modern supply chain management. This study will help organizations in directional understanding about, how to create synergy between the procurement practices and sustainability goals, while emphasizing the role of procurement process optimization and organizational capabilities. We survey food manufacturers in Pakistan and analyze survey results using the Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) approach to test the research hypotheses and our theoretical framework. Finally, a sample business process is simulated to evaluate how Procurement 4.0 automation can optimize the procurement process and improve sustainable supply chain performance. This empirical study shows that procurement process optimization serves as a mediator in this conceptual framework and that Procurement 4.0 strategy, planning, and performance review positively influence the performance of a sustainable supply chain. The trends and gaps identified through our analysis allow us to develop a cogent agenda to guide future [1]SSCM and [2]SSCP research.

Keywords: Supply Chain, Sustainable, food manufacturing units, performance measurement

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