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Examination of the Adequacy of Social Infrastructure in Urban Centres Facing Rapid Population Growth in Anambra State Nigeria (Published)

Taking into account the rapid urbanization and fast growing urban population in Anambra State Nigeria and the consequent effects on the social infrastructure; this study examined the adequacy of the social infrastructure in the urban centres of Anambra State. The Study concentrated on the three major urban centres of Anambra State (Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka) and utilized the survey research design with questionnaire being the main instrument of data collection. By applying Taro Yammaine formular, the target population was reduced to 399.8820 which is approximately 400. The researcher thus decided to sample 405persons, 135 each from Awka, Nnewi, and Onitsha. Stratified Random Sampling technique was employed in distributing the questionnaires. The researcher purposively chooses 20 professionals from among population and planning experts, teachers/lecturers, medical practitioners and other professionals with at least 6 professionals responding from each of the three urban areas studied to ensure fair response. From the questionnaire survey and interview, it was found that the social infrastructure in the three selected urban centres were significantly inadequate. The study therefore recommended that the government should provide more social infrastructure in the urban centres to contain their rapidly growing population, high quality/durable materials should be used for social infrastructure construction and there is need for the expansion of existing social infrastructures and the construction of new ones. Also it was recommended that more social infrastructures should be initiated in the rural areas and service delivery should be improved in rural areas to reduce the rate of rural to urban migration.

Keywords: Anambra State, Examination, Nigeria, adequacy of social infrastructure, rapid population growth, urban centres

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