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Social and infrastructural factors affecting tourist choice of destination in Delta State (Published)

The study: “social and infrastructural factors affecting tourist choice of destination in Delta State” was carried out in Gordon Hotel Resort, Abraka and source of River Ethiope, Umuaja in Delta State. It investigated the social and infrastructural indicators available in the host communities. The research design was a critical survey method. For data collection, the use of a simple random sampling technique gave a sample of 144 respondents. A semi-structured questionnaire was engaged to gather information from respondents. Data analyses were done by building the data into percentage, frequency tables, means standard deviation and Z-test were applied. Important findings revealed that male respondents (68%) were more than female with grater respondents (83%) who attained educational status of National Diplomat and above. Respondents majority (71%) were 30 years and above. The most significant social factors affecting tourism were friendly reception (mean = 3.32) and security and safety (mean = 3.31). While, the infrastructural factors in tourism dynamics were mostly good destination accessibility (means = 3.10) and mode of transport service (mean = 2.83). The study implied that well located tourism destination with good infrastructure and friendly environment inspires agricultural business set up. The study concluded that social and infrastructural factors contributed to tourists’ choice of desirable destination in the State. It was recommended that recreational facilities should be provided for maximum comfort.


Keywords: Choice, Infrastructure, Social, Tourist, destination

Cultural and Environmental factors influence on tourists’ choice of destination in Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

The study, cultural and environmental factors influence on tourists’ choice of destination in Delta State, Nigeria, was conducted in Gordon Hotel Resort, Abraka and the source of River Ethiope, Umuaja in Delta State. The study investigated factors that influenced tourist to visit the above destinations. Factors investigated were, cultural and environmental factors. The research design was a survey method using simple random sampling for data collection (n=180). Data collected were analyzed into percentage, frequencies means and Z-test was applied for the test of hypotheses. Uppermost findings revealed were that respondents’ males (78%), educated elites (59%) and adults (45 years) were more involved it tourism. Tourists were more attracted to the fauna ecosystem (mean = 2.91) of the environment than other endowments in THE study area. The most prominent cultural attraction was the cultural museum/monuments (mean = 2.96). The study implied that tourism destination with natural environment encourages agricultural investment. The study concluded that environmental and cultural endowments contributed to tourists’ choice of destination in Nigeria. It was recommended that more women and youth involvement in tourism so to increase income generation.

Keywords: Choice, Cultural, Environment, Tourist, destination

Factors Affecting the Competitive Capability of Tourism Enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City (Published)

Nowadays, Vietnam’s tourism has attracted international visitors very strongly. Because Vietnam is a politically and economically stable country, people are friendly and rich in cultural identity. However, it is facing many problems such as incomplete infrastructure, human resources, service quality, technology capacity… This reality requires each tourism enterprise to constantly improve its competitive capability to compete not only domestic but also foreign tourism enterprises. Therefore, the study objective is to find out the determinants affecting the competitive capability of tourism enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City (HCNC). The researcher surveyed 500 tourists using the services of tourism enterprises and answered 23 questions but sample size of 457 tourists processed. The data collected from July 2018 to March 2019 in HCMC. Simple random sampling technique. Cronbach’s Alpha and the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) analyzed and used for Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) technique. Finally, the findings of the study have five factors affecting the competitive capability of tourism enterprises with significance level 0.01.

Keywords: Competitive, Tourist, capability, tourism enterprises and UEH.

Survey Techniques to Highlight Hidden Tourism Attractions in Lebanon (Published)

Tourism Survey techniques to highlight the hidden tourism attractions in Lebanon is the aim of this work. A questionnaire has been designed in order to get the necessary data and accurate and detailed information about the touristic site or touristic village, tourist facilities and the services capability and manpower. All sources related to tourism sites in Lebanon have been studied. Information has been gathered from field interviews and direct contact with the local people, pictures and drawing detailed maps. We also build a database for each village that includes touristic sites. Our main work is to highlight the hidden touristic areas and benefit and preserve their natural, archaeological and historical resources. A map will be developed for each village. All gathered information and analysed data will be stored in a database and CD/DVD to be presented in tourism organization and travel agencies. Also, all data have been prepared to be published on a website.


Keywords: Attractions, Hidden, Highlight, Lebanon, Questionnaire, Survey, Tourist

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