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Assessment of Storage Practices in Warehousing Companies of Groundnut Export in North Kordofan State with Reference to GSP (WHO, 2019)


This study was conducted in all groundnut export warehousing Companies namely: (A, B, C, D, E and F) in EL Obied Town of North Kordofan State during the season 2023. The objective of the study to assessment of storage practices of export Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) and compare with reference to Good Storage Practices (WHO, 2019). The data were collected by audit checklist prepared by WHO, 2019.  The data were statistically analyzed by using Likert- five scale points and the significant different between means obtained by LSD at level of significant 0.05%. The result revealed that the general arithmetic mean of the three categories; (organization and management), (Quality system & traceability of food products) and (Vehicles and equipment) were score higher than 4.2 points in warehousing Companies A, B, D, and F these result refilled that full compliance, while the rest Companies were scored ranged between 3.4.- 4.1 points incomes minor deficiency. Also The result revealed that the general arithmetic mean of the five categories; (Personnel), (Shipping containers and container labeling), (Dispatch and receipt), (Documentation) and (Self-inspections) were score higher than 4.2 points in all warehousing Companies these result approved full compliance. Moreover, the result revealed that the general arithmetic mean of the two categories; (Complaints) and (Recalls) were scoring 4 points in all warehousing Companies these result agreed full compliance. The result concluded that the obtained total score (out of 345 points) of storage practices for warehousing Companies A, B, C, and E were 261,260, 221 and 249 points respectively these result finding indicting classified unsatisfactory due to (≤ 80 %). while the warehousing Company D was score 276 points these outcome indicting classified standard due to (≥ 80 ≤ 84%) and the warehousing Company F was score 297 points these conclusion indicting classified good due to (≥ 85 ≤ 89% ) according to Global Food Safety(GFS,2013). The study recommended that the warehousing companies require to application Total Quality Management system (TQM) to ensure food safety and food quality of their raw material and end products as well as increase the power competitive on global level.

Keywords: Assessment, Companies, GSP, Groundnuts, Kordofan, State, north

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