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Innovative Technology of Making Candy (Paste Food) for Bees


Paste food is usually used in beekeeping in winter and has certain advantages over the liquid form: mixed nutrients and biologically active substances retain their beneficial properties (Gilliam a. Argauer, 1975) for a long time without disturbing the uniformity of the mixture. It is digested by hibernating bees satisfyingly. In addition, the traditional method of making candy by Scholtz (Root et al., 1964) is quite time-consuming and difficult, requires expensive and energy-intensive equipment, which makes the feed relatively expensive, and in case of weakness of the bee colony, its digestion is delayed and the feed dries up, accompanied by losses. Carbohydrates in such products mainly consist of sucrose, which does not indicate its physiological perfection.

Keywords: candy-paste food, crystallizing agent, hydrolysis process, invert sugar, monosacharides., optical activity, protein additives, β-fructofuranozidase

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