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Detection of heavy metals and evaluation of beef procured from the different market of Dhaka in Bangladesh


The study was conducted to appraise the quality of beef via detection of heavy metal contents. Twenty markets were selected randomly from the Dhaka city corporation (DCC)  of Bangladesh. Beef samples were collected from the selected market of DCC by two phases during study period. In first phase, fifty beef samples were collected from ten markets by purchasing to detect the heavy metal contents i.e chromium (Cr), cadmium (Cd), lead(Pub)  and arsenic (As) in this study. In second phase, another fifty samples were collected from different ten markets of DCC to detect similar metal content as did in first phase.   A total of 100 meat samples was collected from the selected market and analyzed to determine the concentration of toxic metals (Cr, Cd, Pb, As) in meat samples.  In first stage, except for As (P>0.05) , all other metals (Cd, Cr and Pb) collected from different markets affected significantly (P<0.01) between treatments .  In second phases of experimental study, all the detected metals (Cd, Cr, Ob, As) measured in this study differed significantly (P<0.01) between treatment.  It can be concluded that the quality of beef of different markets appears to be good based on the chemical evaluation, even though variation was found in the toxic metal contents of meat samples in this study. The analyzed values  of toxic metals  in beef samples are within the range or limits of  the acceptable level, so no  health hazard will create over the consumer world through after consumption of beef.  

Citation: Md  Mosharaf  Hossain,   Abu Sayeed Md. Abdul Hannan ,  Md. Mostofa Kamal,  Mohammad Abul Hossain (2022) Detection of heavy metals and evaluation of beef procured from the different market of Dhaka in Bangladesh, European Journal of Food Science and Technology, Vol.10, No.2, pp.1-10


Keywords: AS, Beef, Cr, Market, Pb, Quality, heavy metal (Cd, meat evaluation

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