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Functional properties and sensory evaluations of ‘chin-chin’, bread and biscuits produced from composite flours from African yam bean, Orange fleshed sweet potatoes, plantain, cocoyam, maize, and wheat


The aim of this study was to produce ‘’chin-chin’’, bread and biscuit from composite flours of African yam bean (AYB), plantain, maize, orange fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP), wheat and cocoyam.AYB seeds were fermented in citric acid medium (0.5%). Maize seeds were fermented in tap water for 48hrs. Green matured plantain fruit, cocoyam corm and OFSP tubers were processed into flour. The functional properties of the flours were determined using standard laboratory methods. Products were developed from the composite flours using conventional methods. Sensory properties of the products were assessed using a 9-point hedonic scale. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze data.Bulk density, water absorption capacity, swelling index, foaming capacity, Potential of Hydrogen, oil absorption capacity, gelation capacity and solubility of the flours differed, while the products had variable degree of acceptability. The standardized recipes will ensure products of predictable quantity and quality.

Keywords: Biscuit, Functional Properties, bread, composite flour, sensory properties ‘chin-chin’

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