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Production and Characterization of Essential Amino Acids and Starch of Roasted African Breadfruit Seeds as Source of Protein and Energy for Infants and Children


Aim: Infants and growing children require eight Essential amino acids for healthy growth and wellbeing. The amino acids must be at optimum values in order to satisfy their metabolic requirement. Breadfruit (v.Decne)seed is widely consumed legumes in tropics as subtropical regions of the world. In Nigeria it is staple and is an important source of dietary nutrients for adult, infants and children. The study aimed to identify the effect of roasting variable combinations of roasting temperature, time at 500g feed quantity that would yield the optimum eight essential amino acids incorporated into diet of infants and growing children towards the alleviation of malnutrition among children. Amino acid content and availability is important.  Method: Experimental roasting used the factorial design. The essential amino acids content of  bread fruit seed flour of different treatment condition were determined using Technicon sequential multi-sample acid analysis.  Results: Results showed that both raw and processed flour contained amino-acids essential for infants and growing children. Analysis of amino acids showed retention of the eight essential amino acid for infant and children.  Roasting temperature had significant (p < 0.05) effect on amino-acids. Lysine, leucine, methionine and phenyalanine showed high heat lability, with values significantly (p<0.05)different from amino-acid values of control. The lowest values of essential amino-acids evaluated indicating the detrimental effect of high temperature processes, were recorded at 2000C, Leucine and valine profiles of the processed flour were similar. Optimum contents of the eight Essential amino-acids of processed flour of breadfruit seeds was observed at process variable combination of 1400C and 40min of roasting condition. Conclusion: Results implied that appropriate combination these process variables condition will ensure adequate supply of essential amino acids in infant and children diet. it is also a useful template for addressing the nutritional challenges of sustainable development  (SDG) goals and targets for developing nations. The flour of  breadfruit (v.Decne)seeds is a good dietary supplement for infants and growing children. Which should be introduced to mothers in developing nations.

Keywords: Breadfruits, essential amino acids, infant and children diets., roasting condition

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