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Study of Supplemented Yoghurt Production with Different Vegetables: Qualificationally and Sensationally


Yoghurt is the most popular milk product owing to its particular physical, nutritional, probiotic and organoleptic properties. This study was conducted to prepare vegetables yoghurt fortified with 10 % of different vegetables (fresh cucumber and garlic, cucumber and dried mint leaf, fresh green pepper and dried mint leaf, fried eggplant and garlic, cucumber-garlic and mint leaf, and all mixed vegetables as cocktail), compared with plain yoghurt without any addition. Physicochemical, sensory evaluation and microbiological properties were analyzes to assay the quality of yoghurt products. The total solid, pH and the acidity of vegetable yoghurts supplemented products were increased significantly than plain yoghurt. Statistical analysis showed that yoghurts supplemented with 10% of fried eggplant and garlic, and then cucumber mixed with garlic were more acceptable than others vegetables comparing all quality properties.  Sensory evaluation of the yoghurt products was improved due to supplementation of 10 % of both eggplant and cucumber supplementation. The flavor, texture and consistency, acidity, appearance and the total of the yoghurt products were very good acceptable by the panelists. The period storage of supplemented yoghurt did not affect the quality significantly, which was a good index for producing those healthy dairy products. The microbiological determination of the vegetable yoghurt products was also acceptable and lay within the Iraqi quality standard, due to the increased acidity content of those dairy products. The findings of this study may give an overall idea about manufacturing of vegetables yoghurt supplementing 10% concentration and appropriate technology of vegetable preparation side to side with plain yoghurt.

Keywords: Different Vegetable, Microbial Evaluation, Physicochemical Analysis, Sensory, Yoghurt Supplementation

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