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Symbolism in The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway (Published)

The Old Man and The Sea is based on the simplest of themes possible, which was again an actual incident that Hemingway had heard of. It is Hemingway’s masterpiece a novella, largely responsible for the Noble Prize that was awarded to him in 1954. The theme, therefore, is how a man alone and out of luck may persist and fights and depending upon the manner in which he fights and even at the point of being defeated, he may emerge morally victorious though for all the world he may be physically beaten.

Keywords: Santiago; an Artist, Struggle against the Marlin, Symbolism, Symbolism of the Shark and in Killing the Shark, The Symbolism of the Marlin.

Symbolism and Thematic Concerns in “Their Language of Love” By Bapsi Sidhwa (Published)

Thematic progression and the method of thematic development are applied in thematic analysis. The aim of current study is to study the distinct patterns of thematic distribution and choice which is revealed to the two types of structure, distribution and choice. It contributes towards the understanding and explicit description of these texts. Moreover, the approach taken in this study shows potential for further research and pedagogic applications. This research is pure qualitative elaborates the dimension of thematic apprehension. This research is very important for studying different themes discussed by Bapsi Sidwa. She is a great writer, authorized many themes related to the feminist fiction. Her short stories highlight the emotions with some calmness. It employs different techniques with a variety of themes. This study found that the female characters in ‘Their Language of Love’ Sidhwa has succeeded in conveying a portrait of real women which is both realistic and balanced. Moreover, this study also that the representation of these women is an ‘imitation’ of real women.

Keywords: Symbolism, reader response theory, thematic analysis, women representation

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