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Strategies to Foster the Implementation of Language Policy in Cameroon Economic Spheres (Published)

Language policy and practice emphasises the development of the creative potential of individuals. This study examines the implementation of language policy in Cameroon economic spheres. A descriptive survey was used to portray the characteristics of behaviour, opinions, abilities, beliefs, and knowledge of individuals. The Triangulation method was employed with the objective to increase confidence in the findings. The target population comprised 100 workers from taxation, commerce and council. The stratified random sampling technique was used with focus group interview, observation and questionnaire. Results revealed that language policies in Cameroon are inefficient, resulting to a negative attitude on its users. The study recommends that stakeholders, policy planners and other actors should put an appropriate language policy in place to foster social cohesion and the growth of language use.

Citation:  Ndip O.M, Suzanne A L. and Nchang C.N. (2022) Strategies to Foster the Implementation of Language Policy in Cameroon Economic Spheres, European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, Vol.10, No.9, pp.23-35

Keywords: Language policy, Practices, economic sectors, social cohesion

Canadian Multicultural Literature and Managing Cultural Diversity (Published)

The paper is an outcome of my interdisciplinary approach to Canadian multicultural literature and its inner voice of managing cultural diversity. It showcases how cultural diversity is fictionalized in the creative writing of Canadian multicultural writers. It demonstrates how Canadian multicultural literature envisions a deep cultural diversity in the Canadian society. It reveals how Canadian multicultural literature is a canonization of cultural diversity. It opens the horizons of intercultural understanding leading to a worldview of cosmopolitanism. It looks at the world through a multicultural prism. It shows how multicultural literature can be a great educator reflecting global thinking. It explores how Canadian multicultural writers promote bonding, bridging and linking – the very ideals of cultural diversity.

Keywords: Cultural Diversity, Multicultural literature, multicultural consciousness, multicultural education, social cohesion, transculturalism

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