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Language as the Device for Psychological Manipulation in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four: A Psycholinguistic Analysis (Published)

Language is the unique human talent that works amazingly in molding one’s thoughts and deeds. If grown unrestricted, it can help people widen their notions about things and issues in and around them. On the other hand, if shrunk and chained, it hinders the flourishing of ideas and information. The blossoming as well as the limiting power of language has been very perspicuously illustrated by George Orwell in his dystopian novel, 1984. How linguistic constituents hold the absolute ability to do and undo human thoughts has been portrayed in the novel in the most striking manner. Orwell has shown how language can manipulate psychological functions supreme-handedly. To lead popular thought to a certain target, language has to be engineered in the required mechanism. It does so, and attains complete control over people’s mind. This paper examines how language sets a demarcation line for human psychological processes. It attempts to dig deep into the linguistic treatment in 1984 and comes up with a vivid description of the dominance of language on people’s mental procedure. It investigates the manipulations of the ‘Newspeak’ and strives to grasp a psycholinguistic analysis of the novel.

Keywords: Language, Manipulation, Nineteen Eighty Four, Psychology, psycholinguistic


Nissim Ezekiel is known as father of modern Indian English Poetry and also Post-independence Indian English Poetry. Displaying a dedication of heroic dimension to his vocation, he has created an oeuvre remarkable for its range and depth. He is the source of inspiration for the contemporary Indian English Poets. In his poems we find a wide range of religious and spiritual values, philosophical thought and east –west encounter with some oriental attitude. His poems are a piece of perfection as he rises above his personal limitations and his vision surpasses the surrounding limitations. He is against hypocrisy and dilemma as shown in his poetry. In this paper, I have tried to show his phenomena of mind and matter with psychological and oriental bent of mind through some of his everlasting verse.

Keywords: Knowledge, Oriental, Philosophy, Psychology, Sublime

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