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Early Graders’ Learning in Mother Tongue: Parents and Teachers’ Perspectives (Published)

Comprehending the learning process in bilingual situations mostly depends on how the general public perceives the status of local and national languages. As such, considering the Ghanaian language policy which requires that both the English language and learner’s mother tongue (MT) be taught as subjects in the classroom and employed as medium of teaching at various levels of the educational ladder, this study explored the perceptions of parents and teachers on the use of MT medium of instruction (MOI) in early childhood education (ECE). Using pragmatist paradigm, the mixed method approach and concurrent embedded design were employed. Questionnaire and semi-structured interview guide were used to seek data from 492 respondents in multilingual Ho in the Ho municipality of Volta Region of Ghana. Data was analysed using means and standard deviation, and themes.  Findings revealed that notwithstanding their acknowledgement of MT in ECE, both keyholders disapproved MT MOI and commended the use of English or a blend of English and MT as MOI in Primary 1-3. The study therefore recommends that cultural and linguistic diversities of pupils should be considered in determining the language of instruction and communication in ECE. Broader and more engaging conversation is also recommended to inform more inclusive and effective language policy in ECE.

Citation: Agbevivi S. L.G. (2022) Early Graders’ Learning in Mother Tongue: Parents and Teachers’ Perspectives, European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, Vol.10, No.8, pp.1-21

Keywords: Early Childhood Education, English Language, Mother tongue, Settings, linguistic diversity

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