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Comprehensive approaches, materials, and evaluations of TEFL along with the manifestation of multilingual competencies’ challenges from the perspective of public and private universities of Bangladesh (Published)

Language is the one of the important mediums of expressing thoughts. It has the power to create tremendous revolution, devastating confliction as well as fruitful solution. Due to the blessings of language; social, cultural and regional gap has also been reduced. Years after years, we are habituated with the habit of viewing English Language teaching from one or two modes in our country. The fact cannot be denied that so many teachers from the public and private universities are not aware of the modified policies and materials for that reason learners are still caged at the turbulent level. It can also be highlighted that at this time multilingual environment is keeping a positive impact both socially and economically in drawing profit at many countries. Time has come to consider the issues.


Keywords: Challenges, English Language, Materials, comprehensive approaches, multilingual environment, resolution

Translation Challenges Facing University Students a Case Study: EFL Students at Ajloun National University (Published)

This study aims at identifying the main translation challenges that face EFL students as well as investigating students’ attitudes towards learning translation at Ajloun National University (ANU). The researcher used a quantitative research method. A total of 57 (male and female) (EFL) students responded to an online questionnaire consisting of 20 items. The results of this study revealed that EFL students at ANU had positive attitudes towards learning the translation course. The results also showed that a considerable number of students had difficulties translating texts from Arabic into English and vice versa. Moreover, the study recommended that the number of translation courses at universities should be increased, since one translation course is not enough to provide students with high-quality practice and knowledge to deal with translating texts correctly.

Citation: Mahmoud A. Al.Sobh (2022) Translation Challenges Facing University Students a Case Study: EFL Students at Ajloun National University, European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, Vol.10, No.5, pp.10-23,

Keywords: Ajloun National University, Challenges, EFL students, translation

Incorporation of Blended Learning Classroom after Corona-Pandemic in the Public Universities of Bangladesh: Potentials, Challenges and Probable Solutions (Published)

Integrating internet and technology based learning education is a demand of modern age. We cannot deny the significance of traditional text book based classroom learning. But as per the demand of modern times or after pandemic period, incorporation of blended learning in education and its vast necessity is really inevitable. This article attempts to trace the potentials of incorporating the blended learning classroom after corona virus situation in the public universities of Bangladesh as well as tries to seek the related challenges and proposes probable suggestions. As we see during pandemic, a large number of students of many public universities are encountering numerous impediments to accelerate their studies. It is a very thought-provoking phenomenon at present how the education system can keep its continuation properly amidst corona-pandemic situation. To carry on the study, the researchers reached 50 students and 12 teachers from 6 public universities in Bangladesh through providing questionnaire. Based on the feedbacks of the interviewees, data are analyzed and explained in a descriptive manner. Finally the researchers try to put some suggestions to assist the educational think-tanks about the importance and recent relevance of incorporating blended learning after corona-pandemic in the public universities of Bangladesh.

Keywords: Challenges, Potentials, blended learning, incorporation, students success, teachers benefits

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