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Support Gap for Teachers in Nigerian Secondary Schools (Published)

Earlier research showed that no matter the level of pre-service training in preparation, most teachers need support for proper functioning in the classroom and school. However, the extent and areas of support for teachers varied from place to place. This article investigates the gaps in the support for teachers in Nigeria. Survey data for the study were collected from 2000 secondary school teachers in 3 states in Nigeria. A self-designed research instrument tagged “Teachers’ Support Gap Questionnaire” was administered to the respondents. The instrument was subjected to the usual validation procedure, which yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.78. Findings from the study showed that Nigerian teachers faced challenges in the areas of students’ discipline in the classrooms and student-parent-related issues; hence, they indicated the need for support. It was therefore recommended, among others, that staff meetings are held more regularly, and discussions focus on professional matters. It was also suggested that teachers’ improvement programmes in the form of workshops should be more regular. Such programmes should focus on areas where teachers indicated the need for support.

Citation: Afolabi,  Popoola and  Fawziyah A. Belo  (2022) Support Gap for Teachers in Nigerian Secondary Schools, European Journal of Educational and Development Psychology, Vol.10, No.1, pp.21-29



Keywords: teachers' mentoring and professional development, teachers' preparation, teachers' support

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