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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Teaching of Science Education in Secondary Schools in Nigeria


This study aims to examine and evaluate the influence of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the instruction of scientific education in secondary schools in Nigeria. The primary objective is to investigate how AI technologies might improve the overall quality and efficacy of scientific teaching, leading to enhanced learning outcomes for secondary school students. The study employs a retrospective research approach, analyzing past data to gain insights into the development and impact of AI in scientific teaching in Nigerian secondary schools. The research design involves a comprehensive collection and analysis of secondary data from educational databases, government papers, academic journals, and other relevant repositories. Results from the study highlight the role of AI in teaching science, emphasizing Adaptive Learning Systems (ALS), Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS), and Virtual Laboratories and Simulations. ALS personalizes the learning process, ITS provides interactive and individualized instruction, and virtual laboratories offer immersive digital experiments. Challenges and barriers to the effective adoption of AI in scientific education include infrastructural limitations, teacher preparation and competence, and ethical considerations. Opportunities for successful integration involve government support, teacher training, and industry partnerships. Future prospects anticipate developments in personalized learning environments, improved data analytics, integration of virtual and augmented reality, enhanced natural language processing, and global cooperation in education. In conclusion, the study recommends the integration of AI into the national curriculum, adequate funding and resources, ongoing professional development for teachers, and a strategic curriculum development that fosters a blended learning environment.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Science Education, Tailored Learning, Teaching

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