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Selection of a Suitable Electronic Toll Collection System (Published)

In this work, the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is applied to select a most satisfactory ETC (Electronic toll collection) method. ETC is an applied science that permits the automation of tariff collections at toll parkways. The ETC technologies from which selection was done are based on DSRC (dedicated short-range communication) which includes barcode, quick response (QR) code and radio frequency identification (RFID). Each of these technologies was analyzed based on five criteria to optimize the selection process.

Keywords: AHP, Barcode, ETC, QR-Code, RFID, Technology


The smart-phone industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent history simply because of the emergence of the android operating system. It is now easier to make payments on our mobile phones but one major hindrance lies in transaction security. The objective of this paper is to develop a secure transaction protocol for an android based mobile payment system using quick response code technology and a hybrid cryptographic scheme. To achieve a better security in the system, we implemented symmetric, asymmetric cryptography alongside hashing and message authentication codes simultaneously in the system protocol. The results obtained depict a secure mobile payment system which makes use of dual authentication mechanism by two distinct entities.

Keywords: Android mobile wallet, QR-Code, cryptographic protoco, transaction protocol

3CAuth – A Novel Multi-Factor Authentication Scheme using QR-Code (Review Completed - Accepted)

A multi-factor authentication scheme for remote authentication has been proposed in the paper which provides enough protection on personal credentials of the user. A critical analysis of the scheme shows that it can resist most of the possible attacks and is particularly useful at times of peak loads on servers. The scheme can easily integrate intoany framework offering Internet services to add security guarantee. The same has been brought out by integration with a multi-layered framework designed to handle peak loads on the server ensuring concurrency and availability as well. This integration is seen to clearly enhance the QoS in terms of making right admittance to right resources.

Keywords: 3CAuth, Authentication, Multi-layered Filtering, Multiphase admission control, Peak load, QR-Code, Security, Smart-card

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