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packet splitting and forwarding techniques

GWO Optimized LEACH CRT-Based Forwarding Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Energy Optimization (Published)

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are intelligent communication systems that assist in the industrial revolution of IoT. Sensor nodes present in WSNs often have limited battery lifetime due to their energy limits. Ability to replace or recharge the battery supply for networks in largescale or remote sites has been a major drawback. Clustering, duty cycling, data aggregation and routing has been major energy efficiency techniques employed to address energy problems. Due to the poor performance of the traditional LEACH, this paper employ the GWO CRT-based forwarding and splitting techniques to enhance the performance of LEACH. The simulation is done on MATLAB 2018a and the obtained results prove that the proposed protocol i.e., GWO CRT-based outperforms the existing models such LEACH, improved LEACH etc., with respect to energy consumption, throughput, and the lifespan of the network.


Keywords: Chinese remainder theorem, Clustering., and wireless sensor networks, cluster head, grey wolf optimization, packet splitting and forwarding techniques

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