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Big Data Security on Hadoop Open Source Frame for Healthcare Data Management using One-Time-Pad Encryption Algorithm (Published)

The study elicited knowledge about the factors associated with one-time pad encryption/decryption with big data in healthcare; formulate an assembled algorithms model for one-time pad encryption; design and implement the system and evaluating the system performance with the view implementing big data security on Hadoop open-source framework for healthcare data. Literature was sourced to investigate the factors associated with healthcare security attacks and various consequences of breach of data. An assembled algorithm model was formulated using mathematical theory of one-time pad encryption and a model was designed using Universal Modelling Language (UML) and implemented using python programming language, Distributed File System of Hadoop, Yet Another Resource Negotiator called YARN; encryption time and decryption time was adopted for the performance metrics deployed for the evaluation of the developed system. The result showed that as the size of the files increased, the encryption/decryption time keeps increasing as well. While carryout the algorithm evaluation, two different values (file sizes) were used for testing on the Hadoop framework.Securing the healthcare (Ebola) big-data, it was observed that OTP encryption/decryption performed better compared to AES encryption/decryption in term of computational processing time of the healthcare big-data considered. Considering before/after downloading, it was observed that there was need for authentication for another level of security towards securing healthcare records on HDFS. The study concluded that, big data analytics on Hadoop is ideal for today’s big healthcare data and also that One Time Pad encryption algorithm is sufficient to provide needed big healthcare data security.

Keywords: Algorithm, Big Data, Encryption, Hadoop, data security, data vulnerabilities

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