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Fine (Visual) Art

Preponderance of ICT in Fine Art (Visual Art) Teaching And Learning In Nigeria (Published)

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a force that has changed many aspects of human endeavours. The impact of ICT on various fields of human endeavour such as medicine, tourism, business, law, banking, engineering and architecture over two or three decades has been enormous. But when one looks at the field of education, there seems to have been an uncanny lack of influence of ICT and far less change than other fields have experienced. In other words, though ICT has begun to have presence in education, its impact has not been as extensive as in other fields (Collins, 2002). Education is a social oriented activity, and quality education has traditionally been associated with strong teachers having high degrees of personal contact with learners. Garrison and Anderson (2003) opine that the application of ICTs in the teaching-learning process can enhance the quality of education in several ways such as increasing learner motivation and engagement, facilitating the acquisition of basic skills, and enhancing teacher training. Since Fine Art is one of the major subjects being offered at all levels of education; that is the primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, its relevance and sustenance in the 21st century requires the adequate application of ICTs like video tapes, television and multimedia computer software that combine text, sound and colorful moving images which can be used to provide challenging and authentic content that will not only engage the student in the learning process but as well make learning concrete.

Keywords: Fine (Visual) Art, ICT, Learning, Preponderance, Teaching

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