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The Effect of Home Assignments on the Performance of Students in Computer Science (Published)

One cannot overstate the importance of homework in educational environments. In addition to helping students become more motivated learners, homework also gives students a chance to connect their educational experiences with those of their families, gives parents and teachers a chance to observe and provide comments, and helps students get ready for upcoming sessions. Many secondary school teachers still approach home assignments with humour despite the many advantages they have for both teaching and learning. While many teachers do not want to provide homework to their students some do, but they do not evaluate or mark the tasks. To ascertain how homework influences students’ performance in computer science classes, this study sought to answer that question. The research used a descriptive survey methodology. The sample for the study is made up of 195 Senior Secondary School 1 (SSS 1) students who were randomly selected from the two local government areas in Ekiti State. The researchers’ two Computer Science Achievement Tests (CSAT1 and CSAT2) served as the data collection tools. Three hypotheses in total served as the study’s guiding principles and were examined using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) in the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 23 at the 0.05 alpha levels. The outcome showed that there is no appreciable difference in performance between high-ability, average-ability, and low-ability students in computer science when homework assignments are neither graded nor corrected. As a result, it was recommended, among other things, that whenever a home assignment is given to students, a class oral evaluation on the assignment must be scheduled once it has been turned in and teachers should always emphasize on the benefits students stand to earn from finishing home assignments on their own rather than making them complete their homework at all costs. 

Keywords: Computer Science, Effect, Students performance, home assignments

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