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Data Privacy

A Review of Privacy Preserving Techniques inWireless Sensor Network. (Review Completed - Accepted)

This paper represents a review of privacy preserving techniques in wireless sensor network. Wireless sensor networks are not secure. To preserve privacy of wireless sensor network various techniques are discovered. A lot of work has been done to address challenges faced to preserve privacy of wireless sensor network. In this pa-per we represent a research on privacy preserving tech-niques used in location privacy, data privacy and net-work privacy. This paper should provide help for fur-ther research in privacy preservation in wireless sensor network

Keywords: Context Privacy, Data Privacy, Source Location Privacy

Data Leakage Detection (Published)

We study the following problem: A data distributor has given sensitive data to a set of supposedly trusted agents (third parties). Some of the data are leaked and found in an unauthorized place. The distributor must assess the likelihood that the leaked data came from one or more agents, as opposed to having been independently gathered by other means. We propose data allocation strategies (across the agents) that improve the probability of identifying leakages. These methods do not rely on alterations of the released data (e.g., watermarks). In some cases, we can also inject realistic but fake data records to further improve our chances of detecting leakage and identifying the guilty party.

Keywords: Allocation Strategies, Data Leakage, Data Privacy, Fake Records, Leakage

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