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cognitive overload

Information Overload: A Conceptual Model (Published)

This age of massive production and usage of information ranging from online resources to print has constantly created the need to educate individuals on Information overload, which happens when one is saddled with the task of processing and accessing excessive information at work and in life generally. Information overload is the abundance of information with limited cognitive processing capacity to the receiver. Despite its widespread discussion, a universally accepted definition or explanation remains elusive due to the diverse terminology employed. This variation in terminology implies differing levels of information overload. There is a dire need to develop a variety of models that assist information designers in understanding, measuring, and determining when an individual becomes overloaded with information. Drawing on Dubin’s theory, which provides a systematic framework for conceptual model development, this study utilizes the initial stages of theory building to create a Conceptual Model of information overload and its Primary Components together with their Sub-components. This model serves as a foundation for generating testable hypotheses and operationalizing the concept of information overload for further empirical investigations.

Keywords: Information, Model, cognitive overload, information processing, overload

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