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Genome, Validity of Adjuvants & Misterming Adjuvants as Cancer Vaccines (Published)

The term adjuvant comes from the Latin word ’adjuvare’ meaning help. Thus, adjuvants help vaccines improve the antigen-specific immune response by inducing pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) that can activate various pattwern recognition receptors (PRRs) of innate immune cells.The key objective of this study is to verify that what are called therapeutic vaccines of cancers are totally the types of adjuvants that increase the immunogenicity of neoantigens (autovaccines) found on surfaces of cancered cells such as those of metastatic tumors. The contents of Figures & Table were designed to serve as Results derived from the targetful and strategic methods implemented, under the title of Methodology & Results. The contents of Figures & Table under the title of Methodology & Results represent the result. Represented by 31 conclusive statements listed (enumerated) under the conclusion section of this paper. 

Keywords: adjuvant, autovaccination, autovaccine, cancerous genome, immunogenicity, neoantigen, vaccine

Knowledge, Behaviour and Perception of the Traders Toward’s Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine in Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State, Nigeria (Published)

This study sought to find out the knowledge, behaviour and perception of traders towards receiving Covid-19 vaccine in Lapai local Government Area of Niger State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. Accidental sampling was used to sample 200 respondents in Lapai daily markets. A self-developed questionnaire was used as research instrument to sample 200 respondents. Descriptive statistics of frequency counts, percentages and mean were used to analyse the research questions. Chi-square goodness-of-fit test was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The majority of traders had adequate knowledge of Covid-19 (c2= 122.280; p <0.05), and conformed moderately to Covid-19 guideline protocol (c2= 18.320; p <0.05). Findings further revealed that there was negative perception of traders in embracing Covid-19 vaccine (c2= 45.880; p <0.05).The perceptions of traders generally were negative and not conforming with Covid-19 guideline protocols and they were not welcoming the vaccine, as they believed it may have side effect after receiving it. Traders concluded that only same vaccine received by the president of Nigeria will be accepted by them. The study recommends amongst others that traders must be enlightened to have adequate knowledge on the virus in other to change their negative behaviours to conform to COVID-19 guideline protocols. The importance of vaccination to the traders and its long time benefits must be emphasized to have Covid-19 free country.

Keywords: Behaviour, COVID-19, Knowledge, Perception, vaccine

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