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Neurological Admissions

Pattern of Neurological admissions in the tropics: Experience at Abakaliki South-Eastern Nigeria (Review Completed - Accepted)

Background: The pattern of neurological admissions varies amongst different regions of the world and this depends on many factors including the regional burden of neurological disorders.

Objective: To study the pattern of neurological admissions in a tertiary health centre in Abakaliki South Eastern Nigeria and to compare it with that from other parts of the country.

Methods: A review of admissions into the medical wards of the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki south-eastern Nigeria from July 2012 to June 2013 was done using the register of admissions and discharges.

Results: Out of 1247 patients admitted in medical ward over the study period, 267 (21%) had neurological disorders with mean age of 55.1±20.2years. There were 154(58%) males and 113(42%) females, with a sex ratio of 4:3. Seventy two percent of the patients were between 30 and 69years. Stroke accounted for 62% (166) of the neurologic admissions. Others were central nervous system (CNS) infections, seizure disorders, hypertensive encephalopathy, myelopathies, CNS tumors and neurodegenerative disorders in descending order of frequency.

Conclusion: The burden of neurological disorders is high with male preponderance in Abakaliki south-eastern Nigeria mainly of the productive population. Stroke and CNS infections were the most prevalent neurological disorders identified which are both largely preventable. There should be good health planning that will address the enormous neurological disease burden and emphasize preventive health.


Keywords: Abakaliki, Neurological Admissions, Nigeria, Pattern

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