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Dismissal of the Fake Term Called Living-Thing by Genomic-Thing and Universal Reactions of Matter (Published)

The fact that the sciences treated with terms Biology, Living-things, and Nonliving-things had been proved to be absurdly fake and were replaced by true sciences of Genomology. The key objectives of this paper are to verify the dismissal of the fake term called Living-thing, replacing by the correct one known as Genomic-thing based on evidences and to forward three different universal reactions of matter. Each of the evidences or each of universal reactions of matter is a type of methodology in its targetful approach and each of them is accompanied by a verifying finding. The term Living-thing had been irreversibly dismissed by spectacular & concrete scientific evidences about its fakeness and Genomic-thing was found to be a rewardingly the best (perfect) term to replace it in the sciences of Genomology.The three universal reactions of matter are genomic reaction (in genomic-things only), chemical reaction (in nongenomic-things only involving rearrangement of electrons outside the nuclei of atoms), and nuclear reaction (inside the nuclei of atoms). The only reason for why biologists had admitted that they could not define what a living-thing was and stayed with fake sciences of Biology until now, was because they didn’t realize that genome was: ►unique to genomic-things, and ►the automatic synthesizer of each individual in each species of all genomic-things from genomic viruses up to humans. Now, Genomologists, Chemists, and Physicists are at the very good stage of development to understand one another with the same language of Universal Reactions of Matter and they will have to work together more concerned than ever before.

Citation: Feleke Eriso(2022) Dismissal of the Fake Term Called Living-Thing by Genomic-Thing and Universal Reactions of Matter, European Journal of Biology and Medical Science Research, Vol.10, No.2, pp.8-44


Keywords: Antisense, Atomic number, Genome, genomic reaction, genomic-things, half-life, mRNA, ncRNA, nonliving-things, nuclear reaction, radioactive decay, sense

Genomology (Published)

The word biology is derived from the Greek words/bios/ meaning living-things, and /logos/ meaning study and is defined as the science of living-things. Then, the rest of things or matter are inevitably termed nonliving-things, having a paralyzing contradiction with the “Law of Conservation of Matter” which states that “a matter (thing) is neither created nor destroyed”. Thus, the very root of the term Biology from which it was derived & how it was devised had been wrong in the scientific categorization of matter (things). To call matter as nonliving-thing/s is completely wrong and usage of the term nonliving-thing/s in biological sciences is one of the major reasons for the fact that the sciences of Biology are fake. Biology is defined as the study of living-things and then it has been admitted that a living-thing cannot be defined!! The key objective of this study is to discard the fake sciences of Biology, replacing by true sciences of Genomology and to get this achievement approved (endorsed) in Global Science Forum.. Comparison between the sciences of Biology and those of Genomology was employed using 22 different concrete evidences. Face to face & spectacular demonstration of how fake sciences of Biology are taught by confused and misleading Professors can be observed in the video lesson presented by Professor Dave & by another in Fig. 2, video 3. The two main sources of error for being confused of Professors such as Professor Dave are: using the term living-thing where the opposite of it is nonliving-thing which is ridiculously wrong because it contradicts with the “Law of Conservation of Matter” in science!!!!, and being unable to define what a living-thing is. Daughter viral genomes & viral proteins are produced from those of host cell by: , digesting host cell’s genome into nucleotides, and , digesting host cell’s proteins into amino acids;  so that these nucleotides are used as the raw materials (building blocks) for the replication of daughter viral Genomes and the amino acids are used as the raw materials for the synthesis of daughter viral Proteins. Note that the chemical composition of genomes found in all species of all genomic-things is the same. Building blocks of all kinds of genome in all species of all genomic-things are nucleotides. Genome is unique to genomic-things. Fake sciences of Biology together with the term biology itself are absolutely and irreversibly replaced by true sciences of Genomology. The word Genomology or genomic-thing is derived from the unique automatic molecule termed genome. In other words, genome is a unique automatic molecule found only in genomic-things.A genomic-thing is defined as the product of reaction of: its Genome & its nutritive substances in its compatible environment. Genomological sciences are collectively referred to as superscience because of the amazingly automatic function of the single molecule termed Genome, being the only molecule capable of self-copying reproduction and synthesizing all other nongenome molecules, organelles, genomic-viruses, cells, tissues, organs, systems, and the entire body of each individual organism in every species of all genomic-things. Therefore, the scientists who study or deal with this superscience are known as superscientists or genomologists. The male & female of both free-living & parasitic generations of Strongyloides stercoralis are exactly the same, being synthesized by the same genome and the type of reproduction in both the free-living & parasitic generations is Sexual. Hereafter, i.e., after knowing how wrong the terms Biology & living-thing (with its opposite term) are, teaching fake sciences of Biology is equivalent to: giving poison to our student children of all human races of the world instead of milk, and, taking stool with spoons into our mouths!!!!

Keywords: Biology, Genome, fake sciences, genomic-things, genomology, living-things, nongenomic-things, nonliving-things

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