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Amenability of Psychologically Traumatised Nigerian Youths to Counselling (Published)

The study investigated the level of trauma experienced by Nigeria children and adolescents.  It also examined the challenges being faced by the teaming population of youths that have been traumatized.  The study identified the various traumatic situations prevailing in Nigeria.  Also, it examined the availability and responsiveness of these youths to available Counselling and adequacy of Counselling.  The traumatic experience of youths seems to be accountable for most of the insurgency, terrorism and restiveness pervading entire Nigeria.  This is because there are occurrences such as kidnapping examination malpractices child trafficking bomb explosion, political offences, economic fraud, religious crisis, ritual killings, abduction drunkenness, armed robbery and so on.  All these seem to have defiled all weapons of sanitation in Nigeria. Descriptive research design of the survey type was used for the study after consulting the entire Nigeria population.  Based on the above discovery Nigeria government should consult the genealogy of harmful traumatic occurrences affecting the youths in Nigeria to be able to nip it in the bud.  Curriculum planners should identify incorporate trauma provoking situations into the school curriculum to be taught.  Counsellors and care givers should be trained on how to reduce and counsel traumatized youths.  Trauma centres to provide hospice services should be established by State and Federal Government. The study could be of benefit to school children parents teachers examination bodies counsellors, curriculum planners, religious leaders, school administrators and law enforcement agents.   They would learn, teach, counsel and ameliorate traumatic and trauma provoking situations.

Keywords: Adolescents, Counselling, Therapy, Trauma, Youths, children


This study sought to determine the echocardiographic profile of paediatric patients with RHD at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH), Eldoret, Kenya. It employed a cross sectional study carried out between October 2009 and October 2010 in the general peadiatric wards, paediatric outpatient clinic and cardiology clinic at the MTRH. The study subjects were children with RHD aged 3 to 15 years, in total, Eighty four children (28 boys and 56 girls) with RHD were enrolled. Consecutive sampling was done. Data was collected in a structured questionnaire and analyzed using Genstat discovery. From the study findings, most new patients presented in NYHA class 3 and 4. Mitral regurgitation alone was the commonest lesion, followed by mitral regurgitation + aortic regurgitation. New patients had echocardiographic evidence of severe valvular disease and complication implying late presentation. Since most of the new patients had severe disease at diagnosis, emphasis should be put on early detection and primary prevention

Keywords: Echocardiographic, children, paediatric, profile

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