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Influence of Stakeholder Engagement on Strategy Implementation in Selected Nigerian Government Agencies


Effective strategy implementation has remained a huge challenge in Nigerian Government Agencies. This study investigates stakeholder engagement practices across Nigerian government agencies to evaluate their impact on strategy implementation effectiveness. The research focuses on four key dimensions: Effective Communication, Stakeholder Inclusiveness and Diversity, Mechanisms of Stakeholder Engagement, and Stakeholder Satisfaction, specifically assessing their influence on resource allocation. Using a descriptive survey design, three pivotal government agencies INEC, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission were purposively selected. Data was collected from 384 respondents, and multiple regression was used in the analysis. Findings reveal that transparent internal communication significantly influences increased resource allocation (B = 0.558, p < 0.005). Moreover, agencies incorporating diverse stakeholder input observe larger allocations to strategic priorities (B = 0.083, p = 0.005). Also, Mechanisms of stakeholder engagement (B = 0.101, p < 0.005) exhibit significant positive relationship. Equally, higher satisfaction among stakeholders correlates with greater deployment of resources (B = 0.205, p < 0.005). The study recommends that Nigerian government agencies enhance internal communication, promote inclusive stakeholder engagement, and refine resource allocation strategies. Emphasizing diverse perspectives and stakeholder satisfaction is crucial, while investments in organizational and management capacities alongside technical planning can solidify agencies’ effectiveness in securing resources for proactive strategic changes.Top of Form

Keywords: Diversity, Inclusiveness, Strategy Implementation, stakeholder engagement

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