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New Ventures Preparation for Succession Planning in Akwa Ibom State (Published)

New Ventures are the major contributors to the development of the economy of many nations especially in terms of job creation and revenue generation. However, they are plagued with high mortality rate of which one of the culprits is lack of succession planning. As such, this study aims to examine how new ventures owners in Akwa Ibom State prepare for succession to ensure the continuity of their businesses in their absence due to retirement or sudden death of key personnels. Using a descriptive design, 300 respondents were examined through purposive sampling method and the findings indicate that the new ventures examined prepare for succession planning through mentoring, training, active learning, feedback and job assignment. to ensure that capable hands are in charge of business activities in the event of vacancy, sudden death or retirement of key personnel. The study concludes that if the preparation mode as pointed out by the entrepreneurs in this study is continued, the issue of new venture mortality will be reduced if not completely eliminated.

Keywords: Mentoring, Training, active learning, job assignment, new venture creation, succession planning

Improving Training Quality of Vietnam Private Universities: A Case of Lac Hong University in the Context the International Integration (Published)

The objective of the study is to analyze the key factors affecting the training quality of Lac Hong University in order to meet the context of international integration in Vietnam. Based research results, the researcher has the managerial implications for improving the training quality of Lac Hong University (LHU) in Dong Nai province. This is one of the most important roles to develop LHU and enhance the measurement scale as well as the theoretical model illustrated to the relationship between the key factors and the training quality. The official quantitative studied with a sample of 500 students studying at LHU. The data collected from June 2016 to May 2018 and random sampling technique. The Data analyzed Cronbach’s Alpha and the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) which used for multilinear regression. The tested results have the key factors affecting the training quality of Lac Hong University with significance level 0.01 based on 475 samples and 25 samples lacked information.

Keywords: LHU, Private University, Quality, Student, Training


The prevailing rate of work performance among workers in most organizations in developing countries, particularly in Nigeria gingered our impetus or concern in carrying out the research as titled here of. However, the meaning of training, types of training, human resource training functions was critically addressed. Methodologically, the researcher made use of secondary source to generate theoretical data, which interestingly led the researcher into concluding after central thesis of the work, that training is a measure rather than a solution to worker’s performance vis-à-vis productivity in Nigeria.

Keywords: Output, Performance, Training, Worker, input.

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