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Ethical Compliance and Organizational Profitability of Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria (Published)

One of the industries in Nigeria economy that attracts much complains from her numerous customers in terms of ethical compliance is the telecommunication industry. This therefore prompts the curiosity to examine the impact of ethical compliance on organisational profitability in the Nigerian telecommunication companies. The study focuses on three ethical compliance variables which are integrity, customer value and fairness to customers while profitability was measured in terms of customers’ patronage and loyalty. The descriptive survey design was adopted and the study was guided by three research questions and three hypotheses. The population of the study comprised telecommunication subscribers in Akwa Ibom state and a sample of 384 respondents was estimated using Walpole’s sample size for infinite population formula. The selection of samples was done using convenience sampling. Ethical Compliance and Organisational Profitability Questionnaire (ECOPQ) developed by the researcher was used in data collection. The instrument was validated by experts and reliability of the instrument was established using Cronbach Alpha method of reliability testing and the reliability coefficient of 0.89 was obtained.  Data obtained were analysed using simple percentages and multiple linear regression and all hypotheses were tested at the 0.05 level of significance. To enhance data analysis, the study employed the use of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS version 22.0).  Result obtained shows significant positive impact of ethical compliance as measured by integrity, customers’ value and fairness on profitability in Telecommunication companies. It is therefore important that the management of Telecommunication companies pay more attention to the issue of ethical compliance as this will help improve their profitability.   

Keywords: Ethical Compliance, Profitability, Telecommunication Companies

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