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Customer Feedback and Service Quality in the Akwa Ibom State Hospitality Sector (Published)

This study looks into the dynamic link that exists between service quality and customer feedback in the developing Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom. The study attempts to clarify the critical role that customer feedback plays in establishing service standards and is based on the growing importance of service quality in today’s global hospitality market. By means of an exhaustive analysis of several aspects of customer feedback, including online reviews, referral rates, repeat customer behaviour, and complaint frequency, the research aims to identify their respective influences on the perceived quality of service. This study’s theoretical foundations include Oliver’s Expectation-Confirmation Theory and the SERVQUAL model. In the end, these frameworks impact customers’ views of service quality by providing a theoretical basis to understand the intricate relationship between their experiences, expectations, and satisfaction levels. The present inquiry is grounded in empirical research from a variety of hospitality environments, which demonstrates the significance of customer feedback and its complex influence on service quality. One hundred customers who have used hospitality services in Akwa Ibom State are the subjects of this study, which employs a survey research design. Analyzing the data through regression analysis yields some interesting results. Greater complaint frequency and some elements of online evaluations show negative correlations; however higher recommendation rates are positively correlated with perceived service quality. It is noteworthy that the perception of service quality is not much affected by the behaviour of repeat customers. The results of this study have important ramifications for the hospitality industry in Akwa Ibom. These include the necessity of efficient complaint handling procedures, proactive tactics to encourage positive word-of-mouth, and a sensible use of online reviews. In order to connect service delivery with changing consumer demands and promote sustainable growth and development within the local hospitality industry, it proposes a paradigm change towards continuous improvement, tailored experiences, and proactive response tactics.

Keywords: Service Quality, complaint frequency, online reviews, recommendation rates, repeat customer behaviour

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