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Regional Regulations: Implementation of Electronic-based Government System (Published)

This Academic Paper Research uses two approaches in comprehensively examining aspects of regulatory legitimacy, namely normative legal research and empirical research. The data collection technique used is Library Research on secondary data. Literature study was conducted to obtain secondary legal material by conducting a review of books related to the object of preparation. Data analysis was carried out using the content analysis approach. The results showed that the evaluation of SPBE and the Maturity value of 2.67 was good. There are already juridical and philosophical aspects in developing this information system, and it has been developed based on laws and regulations and the vision and mission and objectives of the Serang Regency Government. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the Government of Serang Regency has carried out the SPBE evaluation stage and obtained a Maturity score of 2.67 with a good predicate, Internal Policy is one of the domains in improving the quality of public services in Serang Regency, The philosophical basis for the Draft Serang Regency Regional Regulation on Government-Based Systems Electronic means the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Article 28F and the scope and direction of regulation of the Draft Regional Regulation on an Electronic-Based Government System in accordance with the vision, mission, goals and objectives to be achieved by the Central government in accordance with the mandate given in Presidential Regulation Number 95 of 2018 concerning Electronic-Based Government Systems.

Keywords: Government, academic texts, administration system, electronic-based

Influence of Covid-19 Pandemic on Women Entrepreneurial Success in Oyo State (Published)

This paper is focused on the influence of covid-19 pandemic on women entrepreneurial success in Oyo State, Nigeria. It discussed the origin of Coronavirus; how deadly and infectious the virus is. The paper further discussed the rate at which the virus was spreading and killing people all over the world. It also discussed how the Coronavirus affected the economic, religious and, social activities of women in the state.  The paper concluded that the lockdown to stay-safe at home had to be observed for people to be protected from being infected and the infected people be quarantined for medical attention to avoid the spread of the virus. It also recommended that government should release money to the commercial and microfinance banks with specifications and directives on how loans will be given to the eligible people. It also recommended that government should organize seminars, workshops and training on small scale businesses for the public especially women to eradicate poverty. The paper further recommended that government should set up a committee that will help in distribution of financial donations from agencies and other palliatives through the bank officials and National Population Commission Officials.

Keywords: COVID-19, Government, women entrepreneurial success

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